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redeBIP is an alternative and innovative solution in Portugal in the way of doing real estate business, if you are a real estate agent and want to give a national projection to your business, ask us the CGU (General Conditions of Use), we are not a franchise, we are a national group of properly licensed estate agents looking into the future, our goal is to facilitate the search to those interested in buying and to give visibility and management resources to the estate agents.

When being integrated in a group with these characteristics the estate agent has to its use a number of properties for sale that corresponds to the total of the properties inserted by everybody that joins the group, that is, the agent stops being limited by their geographical area and to their own listings, on the other hand it places its properties at disposal to the other partners, this always with the share of the results generated by the sale as agreed by the two parts, the listing agent and sales agent.

The private information inserted by each Agent is kept safe/secret, for example the name of the property’s owner or contacts, only shows the public information related to the property and the listing estate agent for possible contacts. redeBIP is available online for adherents, subject to login and password, it has certificate of security (https).

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